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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. >> nice of you to wake up because we know it is painful this morning. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco about that. need a pay check too, so get on up. >> we have a lot of static electricity at my house this morning with everyone shocking each other. our winds are calm to about 15 miles per hour, so it is not breezy about five miles per hour is all the wind you will get on the golden gate bridge. it is cooler. check out the 12 hour day planner. 32 to 53 and 53 is the exception in san francisco. we will be very dry and sunny and low 60 at noon. by 4:00, low-to-mid 60s and enjoy the evening but improve a coat at 52 to 56.
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thanks mike. leyla? >> just need an early run for hair gel because of static electricity. we all need help today. >> the first rule? >> when you dig a hole? >> stop talking. >> top talking. >> through walnut creek southbound side is moving along fine, just north of there we do have an action at greggry lane that is not causing any problems. as we make it to highway 24 we will not take much time. from our emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge traffic is smooth to the island. it is now 5:01 this morning is the six month anniversary of the napa valley earthquake that jolted residents awake and left behind pockets of destruction. amy hollyfield is in napa with how the region has fought back and how much work remains.
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you walk through downtown and you can still see evidence than earthquake happened and the fence surrounding the boards up old post office here on 2nd street but it is not all stark. there are personal towns too. look at this sign that has been left here on the cope "we love our post office." there are personal touches here in napa showing that this is support and love. here is video of other damage we have from around napa to give you a sense of how it looks six months later the old courthouse still not looking like it to this building dating back to 19303. and the newspaper office was destroyed so the reporters still cannot work there. a locallive sway is still closed. employees are picking up hours at another store. >> the celling kept coming down and a lot of the stuff was broken. it was a disaster.
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>> federal dollars have kicked in in napa, and recovery takes time. a project america is predicting two more yours before historic buildings are replaced. a long way to go in recovery for an earthquake that happened six months ago today. crews are working through the night to repair a rail crossing after a train hit and killed a woman last night in menlo park. the woman was struck by a southbound express at the crossing yesterday afternoon and sky 7 was offer the scene and you can see the mangled vehicle. the train was going about 79 minute at the time. the bomb was rushed to stanford. she did not survive. a child's car seat was in the back but it was not occupied. commuters were delayed for several hours. our reporter is at the scene and we will have a report coming up
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in 30 minutes. >> another deadly accident involving caltrain last night in san francisco and out of service caltrain hit a man inside a tunnel near the 22nd street station around 9:00 last night and he died at the scene. train service was delayed but was moving again after two hours. >> santa clear county supervisors will get an earful this morning as public has been on plans to by a new cell phone tracking system that would catch criminals. supporters say it chips away at our privacy. the tools are designed to find a cell phone and the sheriff is urging supervisors for boy the half million devices which are called "stingrays." law enforcement officials say this could help find missing people. it would also be used to track down criminals. opponents argue that the tools imtrain on privacy. >> we have no intention of using
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this type of technology to eavesdrop on people. the california constitution is very very specific about when we can listen to private conversations. >> idea to get the stingrays came about after the disappearance of a 15-year-old girlfriend in 2012 vanishing on the way to school in morgan hill. the judge would have to aprove the search warrant before it could be used unless it bass life or delegate situation. police agencies are using this time of tracking technology and the reasonnal goes before santa clara county supervisors today for a vote. in the news room for abc7. in antioch, a anyone-year-old boy was airlifted to the hospital after a firecracker exploded in his hand. it happened at a home near redwood drive at 5:30 last night. our media partner reports that three children, all under 13 years of age were at mope --
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alone when the firecracker exploded. the brother went to a neighbor for help and he was friend to the hospital and is reported to be "stable." >> hillary clinton today is in the bay area for a conference pushing if more represent of women in executive roles and delivers the address at silicon valley conference for women that gathers executive women across the bay area to push for innovation and human development and economic growth and is underway at 8 pock at -- 8:30 at the convention center. >> opening statements today in the high profile discrimination case involving a silicon valley venture capital firm for sexual harassment and general december discrimination claiming that she was subjected to harassment and discrimination after ending a brief asquare with -- affair with a colleague and claims she was forced out because of discrimination complains.
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the firm is denying any wrongdoing and says she was last go because of poor performance and now the interim c.e.o. of reddit. >> oakland is looking to crackdown on racial bias and the bay area news group will consider establishing the department of race and equity and the through department would review the inner workings of city government including the police department to ensure mists are not discriminated against and receive their fair share of city services. officials say that the city government has at times disadvantaged some residents with regard to education, policing and employment opportunity. now a check on the weather forecast, it is cool. >> absolutely, check out the temperatures in the respond valley especially san ramon: 33 degrees. pleasanton is 34, dublin is 35 and 96 in livermore and danville and 37 in lafayette and 36 in concord and 39 in walnut creek and 38 in pleasanton hill and 41
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in brentwood and antioch is mimer at 47 degrees. this morning in foster city half moon bay is 39 degrees. 41 in novato and sunol and newark and 36 in cupertino and milpitas is 47 and 49 in redwood city. a look now at what is happening tower is not bouncing and the air is strene and dry. there is a lost stat evening electricity in the air. get ready for a very nice day at 65 to 68 comfortable to be outside, and 61 do 64 around the coast and up to 68 around the bay. no delays at sfo but if you are try together get to charlotte or atlanta arrival delays. and mid-to-upper 60s tomorrow like today and nearly 70 on thursday with high clouds and a chance of light clouds on saturday and as >> no problems in san jose and calm away from highway 17 sound
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traffic has no delays. as we look what is happening at 9 richmond-san rafael job: nothing. not a car is found. in contra costa county we have an accident. it is cleared. this is southbound 242. it is at gregory lane. we had slowing. that is cleared. the drive coming away from highway 84 and walnut creek no delays and at top speed much the southbound bay cop mute in a -- commute in a few minutes. krispy kreme is celebrating its 1,000th store. that is good for you. >> an effort to rescue a dozen manatees from a storm drain. >> an icy commute for millions of drivers cross the south. >> stay on top of weather and traffic by keeping
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covering daly city, dublin los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. a look at the bay bridge off to the left and just a twin killing of lights in san francisco. >> more news the coroner with the contra costa sheriff department will hold a public hearing today into the death of a woman who was shot by a concord police officer last year. the 57-year-old valerie hawkins died in may. officers went to her home when she called 9-1-1 saying she had a gun and threatened to kill her helpful. milwaukee ins pointed her gun at an officer. she had a history of mental illness. >> new this morning rescuers have freed 19 manatees stuck in a storm drain. >> the teamworked through the night to save the mammals also
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neck at sea could could they used earth moving equipment. no word how they got into the drainage pipe. rescuers say it is possible a cold snap had something to do with it. >> the cold smell had the manatees coming to the can 2345 for warmer water. >> the fire department says they are all alive and will be returned to a lagoon after continue hour operation to get them out after the tight squeeze. >> a plan will give protective status to a group of whales that are at point ways, the mammals that already have special protection that cover the summer home in the p
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>> and forecasters say temperatures are 20 do 30 degrees below normal today from texas to carolinas and even las vegas is usually spared from the win december weather had snow blanketing the mountains. the most dangerous parts of the system is thunder sleet, a storm with freezing rain. you can see the effect on the roads. no traction. at all. >> the ice is so bad in texas american airlines jet slid off the taxi s way at dallas-ft. worth airport last night after it touched down. the airline said the pilot was steering the jet to the terminal and it hit ice and slip off the pavement. the front wheel got stuck in mud and 63 passengers and five crew members were on board. there were no injuries. >> the ice in and around dallas is proving a challenge for drivers. check out how the driver of this car carrier lost control in
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arlington, texas sliding down the road and you can see it stopped finally after it jackknifed. the crash shut down an off-ramp but the driver survived. >> that happened to me once going backwards. >> scary. >> last was was the last states admitted to the union and now the first to make smoking a joint legal. voters approve a ballot legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in november but it take effect today. alaska is now the third state to okay marijuana use out of the medical setting. something in public, though, will still be illegal and violators face $100 fine and that is why the organizers called off the public celebration of the new law today. >> the height of tax season so what are the biggest tax scams? >> here is america's money report. >> good morning topping america's minute protecting your self against scams. >> if you are county asked by
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phone by an i.r.s. agent that is a scam. the i.r.s. will not never call. to avoid the refund being stolen, file early. >> beware of those who promise a big return without seeing the information. >> target is slashing the minimum order for free shipping. >> customs can get free shipping by spending $25 for online order rather than $50. ball matter -- wal-mart amazon will probably follow institute. -- suit. >> and the krispy kreme has opened their 1,000th store in kansas. >> we are all flying to kansas. on his dime. >> hold down the for the just bring back some glaze. >> we will go which for
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breakfast. >> good morning everyone and it is even colder in kansas city than here. the reason why we have issues this morning look at snow, from atlanta to columbia to the carolinas and into the virginias, and then it is quiet until the area of low pressure spinning near the gulf of alaska, this is the one that is going to prius a chance of showers friday and saturday but it is up here not coming at us from the south or west it does not have an atmospheric river connection. the rainfall is not going to be much. >> on sutro to you wherever you can see how clean the air is, remember, it is up to 21 degrees cooler when you step identified so dress accordingly. by the end of the day we will have sun calm and we will feel all of the 60-degree highs.
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it will be cool again tonight with patchy fall forming the next couple of nights and it could be thicker as the humidity returns and that will set the same for the light showers on friday and saturday and today's temperatures are mainly mid-to-upper 60 and richmond at 65 and san francisco and san mateo the cooler spots at 67 in oakland and fremont and san jose and concord and 66 in san rafael and low-to-mid 60s along the coast with 64 in half moon bay and don't we will have temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s but notice the patchy fog an the bay and along the peninsula coast that is the moisture starting to return. we will be able to shot each other tomorrow. thursday in the evening you can see the showers developing to the north, sliding in as we head through the day on friday and notice how widely scattered they are you do not see continuous ban of green or green rain she'd over us and that is why they are scattered showers through saturday evening and then the
5:19 am
low moves away and sunday is the brighter and dry day. rainfall amounts are more impressive in the sierra. that could mean maybe, 6-8 inches of snow. keep your fingers stopped. my seven-day forecast shows before we get to that well make a run up to 70 away from the cost on thursday and low-to-mid 60s through the weekend into next week. have a great one. leyla? 12 minutes felts -- gets between hayward and foster city. and top speaks from newark to east palo alto and matt keller is on the scene of a fail fatality and we are trying to find out if there is a re-opening soon. it appears it is not opening. that intersection is going to be closed.
5:20 am
caltrain just had a train moving through with no delays. the rest of the south bay is at top speed at 68 miles per hour to mineta san jose international airport and 280 with in delays and highway 85 is cleared and accident free. to the south morgan hill, gilroy 101 clear and accident free. >> straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> also the major mime stone reached by a bay area police dog. ♪ let it go." froze in's d frozen elsa is up ahead. >> starting to pick up, and get
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coit tower because of super bowl 50 coming to the bay area next area. we cannot wait. >> in 347 days. >> approximately. >> what you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know, crews are repairing a railroad crossing arm after a fatal train accident in menlo park. a southbound express strain -- train hit a car and killed 309-year-old woman. two, the intersection is still shut down but not causing traffic impact. so far across the bay area it is an early morning commute. 101 pulling away from 880, traffic is moving like a breeze. >> check out the lack of wind on live doppler hd. it is not a brisk morning but it is chilly with temperatures up to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. i have a warming trend on the way and an update on the possibility of wet weather
5:24 am
coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> today is six months since a 6.30 earthquake rattled napa and residents and business owners face the job of cleaning up from the august earthquake and some buildings remain closed while crews repair the damage. >> five, the port of oakland is back in business this morning but operations are slow to find a deal between the association and union. trucks are moving but not allowing crane operators to on-and-off load cargo ships. >> the secretary of the veterans administration made a mistake when he said he served in special forces coming during a video tapes conversation with a homeless veteran. he served in the 82nd airborne division and was a paratrooper. >> north carolina woman is speaking out of being one of three winners of a $564 million jackpot. the 26-year-old says the money
5:25 am
means she and her four children will not have to struggle to get by. she is splitting the money with the winner from texas and from puerto rico. >> a police dog with excellent necessary recently reached a notable milestone working for the customs and boarder protection at sfo. the dog identified his 10,000 prohibited agricultural product. he has been hard at work using the sharp sense to identify many food items and averaging 200 seizures a month. >> people in south carolina have fund with their record cold weather. police try to arrest snow queen from "frozen," for freezing us out. she does not look very happy. she was sentenced to community service. this was the idea of a company that provides princesses for
5:26 am
children's birthday parties. >> pretty good. >> they are wearing short sleeve shirt. >> the oscars were good for social shareing. the most popular celebrities mentioned on instagram were lady gaga, jennifer lopez and emma stone. and eddie redmayne and julianne moore and "birdman" dominated the conversation on instagram. >> coming back with a full 90 minute of news. >> thousands of books in the east bay get anything but a storybook ending. why they are ending up in the trash. release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning. at 5:29. thanks for waking up early and joining us. i am eric thomas with traffic and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. and now we will talk about live doppler hd it is showing no fog this morning. it is clear. the flag on the exploritorium was not moving. that is proof that yes, it is 20 degrees cooler this morning so dress accordingly. the day planner is low 60s by lunch. low-to-mid 60s this afternoon without the freezes of yesterday and low-to-mid 50s at 7:00. we will talk about fog coming back to the forecast and rain also. >> wear a jacket if you are walking the dog or cat.
5:30 am
>> i have seen that before. why think anyone is walking their cat here, through san rafael 101 tail lights pushing to 580, and traffic is starting to build bit as we take you over to golden gate bridge the trip is to the north end of the bridge and without incident it looks like traffic is light. we do have one new car fire reported in the east bay and i will tell you where in a few minutes. >> now, the developing news. >> caltrain is racing the clock to finish repairs and get a station back on track. it was the scene of one of two fatal accidents involving the agency yesterday. our reporter is in menlo park with the latest for us. matt? >> in the past hour we watched as workers put in the base for the crossing arms in the middle of the median. no word open how long the crossing be closed to vehicle traffic but the train tracks are clear. this is video from sky seven
5:31 am
yesterday of the crash. the car was hit by a southbound express moving at 79 miles per hour. crews got out the 30-year-old female driver from the passenger side of the vehicle and rushed her to the hospital. she die add short time later. people reports indicate the railroad gate crossing was working. 400 passengers were on the train that made impact. the train suffered significant damage but no one on board was injured. thousands dealt with delays. another deadly caltrain action happened in san francisco four hours later, an out of service caltrain hit a person on the tracks inside a tunnel near the 22nd street station after 9:00. that person died at the scene. here at the ravenswood crossing the tracks are clear and we saw a southbound train come through the intersection this morning. but it did look like it slowed down significantly. thanks matt, a pedestrian was killed after being hit by a car on an interstate 880 off-ramp in milpitas.
5:32 am
the accident happened at 10:15 at the off-ramp connecting northbound 880 to highway 237. investigator say the was war silver lexus and was not a hit-and-run accident. there is in word on the identity of the pedestrian. >> the family of a san jose fruit vendor killed by a suspected drunk driver is getting outpouring of support in the community. a viewer who saw our story of francisco hernandez is setting is up a fundraising page with a goal to raise $10,000 for hernandez wife and three children. hernandez wife was injured in the crash on saturday and is recovering at him. we have a link to the gofundme fundraising page. >> a san jose. would. appear in court in the murder of a man found dead in his home with tips leading to the arrest of a 19-year-old woman who is the woman seen in this
5:33 am
surveillance video on the right using the credit cards of this man, the murder victim. police found his body on monday. she could be part of a crime crew. she poised as a recent state and drugged and pet and robbed a man in fremont. state regulators are about to give drivers some relief at the gas pump. the board of equalization will vote today on a proposal to lower the gas tax by 7.5 cents a plan. if passed it would cut the current gas tax from 36 cent as glenn to 28.5 cent and take affect on july 1. >> happening today santa santa supervisors will potentially buy a half million system that could track cell phones that could be used to find missing person. right now they need a judge's authorization but opponents feel
5:34 am
it would infringe on privacy. our reporter will have more on the meeting at the top of the hour. >> tonight, berkeley city council members will consider a two year moratorium on the drones. the committee recommended that the city be a drone-free zone. groups fear they could infringe on people's privacy by using the drones. >> a library is defending their decision to throw away more than 100,000 becomes. angry residents showed up at a mission last night in fremont and the public library director says 172,000 books were discarded offer the past two directors to make shelf space for new becomes but residents say it was too extreme saying they uncovered thousands of discarded becomes less than five years old. >> some thing have to go they are outdaylighted warn out, a
5:35 am
dog chewed them coffee stains. >> why the county cannot work with the school districts and giving books away even, i don't understand. >> a moratorium has been placed on throwing away anymore books and the commission is now reviewing their policy. >> today is six months since the earthquake that jolted people from their beds and knocked homes off foundations in napa. many are still cleaning up. the earthquake caused major democrat to buildings including historic structures. at 6:30, amy hollyfield will join us from napa with a look at how people are recovering. >> and there will be an upgrit to service at levi stadium after the hockey fans overwhelmed the system. 16,000 people took vta light rail train to the outdoor hockey game between the sharks and the kings. the mercury news reports that is twice the number of riders who
5:36 am
take vta to 49ers game. some fans arrived after the game started because packed trains were whizzing by. they will consider having buses follow the light rail routes to pick up stranded riders. >> two area lawmakers are asking for a probe of working conditions at four catholic high schools in san francisco. the assembly men state morality clauses of the archbishop are discriminatory condemning homosexuality and birth control and artificial discrimination. the archbishop says lawmakers need to restrict his rights to uphold the catholic teachings. >> port of oakland is back this business and there is still a slow down because the maritime association and the union that was trooped last week.
5:37 am
the board says the trucks are moving in and out of the terminals but there are not enough crane operators to on and off load cargo ships and the shortage is temporary. >> the cold is temporary we hope mike. >> that is true. absolutely. >> not a one and done but it will not be so cool tomorrow morning. 36 in petaluma, 33 in santa rosa and freezing in guerneville at 32 degrees and bodega bay is 49 and 48 in san rafael and 33 in american canyon and across the bay, 42, and can -- san carlos and 39 in newark and 35 in cupertino and 41 in san jose and the temperatures are from six to 17 degrees cooler than yesterday. it is still breezy on mount tamalpais. the winds are up to 25 miles per hour here but the rest of us are around seven miles per hour or lower. maybe a touch of a wind chill in
5:38 am
a few spots this morning but this afternoon, we have total sunshine, a light breeze at the coast at 61 to 64 and dry air warming to 68 around the bay. inland all the sunshine and 65 to 68. this is how it looks in walnut creek, clear this morning and a cool spot at 34 degrees and mid-to-upper 60s tomorrow and nearly 70 away from the cost on thursday and hit rain and cooler weather on friday and i will tell youhow long that will extend coming up. >> a report of a car fire in richmond, westbound 80 headed up to hilltop road or drive, it is possible blocking one lane but not causing any delays at this hour so as you travel along westbound 80 up to the hoffman split it is looking green and at continue speed and if you travel between highway 4 up to the maze that drive is a short 14 minute commute and 880 and 580 the
5:39 am
drive is clear and free accidents. and at dublin we have construction here and as you pull away from 680, you. find a couple of cones blocking the lane and traveling along westbound side where we have slow-and-go traffic there building for the morning commute and a brand new crash in san ramon, southbound 680 at crow canyon road one road is blocked and right now the travel between highway 24 up to the dublin interchange is clear northbound traffic is not finding any delays. tossed out by crash, a heart wrenching steps a mother dog did to help her little pup. >> burning man is burned by hearings and organizers are fighting back. >> weather and traffic through the entire commercial
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:42 on this tuesday morning, and we look from our camera to san francisco a gorgeous shot and it is chilly this morning. we will check the forecast with mike. and animal control officers hope you can count solve a mystery after someone stuffed two dogs in a sandbag. this shows a miniature dog standing next to a sandbag and a dead puppy. investigators believe someone put both dogs inside the bag and dumped them at the end of the road in watsonville. the mother dog chewed her way out of the bag. >> they treated the animals as if they were garbage and drove to a location known to be a dumping ground for unwanted garbage, couches dryers. >> she is eating, starting to eat better than she was in the beginning. she was very....
5:43 am
with dead stay in the kennel. not eating. >> a vote -- veterinarian determined the dog likely died from trauma. >> a lawmaker will unveil a proposal to back all forms of tobacco in every wasteful venue across california. the proposal by assembly democrat from richmond will not only cover smoking but the first-of-its-kind law in america will apply to all forms of smokeless or chewing tobacco. researcher shows smokeless tobacco contains 28 different cancer-causing agents. he believes baseball can set a good example by keeping young people from trying smokeless tobacco. >> burning man is fighting back after the ticketing system was hacked. hackers cut to the front of the line and bought 200 tickets others waited on line to buy one of the 40,000 tickets available. burning man is can soling the --
5:44 am
is canceling the hacked tickets. >> the event sold down in one hour. >> a tagger hit city hall over the weekend with words spay painted on the outside of the 12th floor in is a $10,000 fine. >> this are 347 days until super bowl 50 at levi stadium. >> why wait for excitement? "50" was displayed in white last night on coit tower. check out the countdown clock on the super bowl 50 when, fans are submitting photos of themselves holding single digit numbers and they are used as digits on the clock. >> you can still see that 50 if you drive through san francisco and look at the tower. it does not she the temperatures which is considered lower than 50.
5:45 am
>> it is a cold one. i showed a picture with a side-by-side picture and it is 17 degree cooler this morning. yesterday when the low pressure went through the west, we had a land spout, a more filed dust devil that looked like a tornado but not so fast. it does not have the same structure as a tornado super cell thunderstorm but it can cause dam and the winds can be up to 70 or eight miles per hour as they spin through there. it is interesting. and something you do not see a lot in california. we do have a lack of wind in the morning this time of year but normally that coincides with the fog formation with the airway, way, way too dry. the kids are run around shocking each other with the dry air this morning. the lips are chapped. your hands are dry. that will hang around another
5:46 am
day. it will dry us sunshine. with calm conditions today we will be as warm and warmer than yesterday but it will feel warmer. cool tonight and with some humidity running and patchy fog is possible and showers are possible friday and saturday and looking light. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s loan the coast and half moon bay is the warm spot at 64 degrees and we have mid-to-upper 60s through the bay and inland neighbors 65 in richmond and san mateo and live more and morgan hill and palo alto at 68. tonight, clouds and fog developing loan the cost and that is spilling and the bay and temperatures are almost as cold as this morning with a rant of -- repeat of the 30s inland. san francisco is surrounded open throw sides by water we are the milest around 50 degrees. the low pressure shows not a very big shield of precipitation but it is not
5:47 am
solid at all. it is very scattered. a chance of showers not only friday but on saturday. here is the key to the system: it does not have an manufacturic -- an atmospheric component. it loses a lot of the moisture. by the time it gets to us it does not have much at less than .1" of rain. a better chance of heavy precipitation, hopefully 5-10 inches of snow in the mountains. get used to low-to-mid 60s because that will be friday and saturday and a chance of rain and sunday and monday. leyla? >> it looks busy but the metering lights are not turned on. traffic is backing up to the maze and you are looking at 10-12 minute wait to the island and interest san francisco. you do have three more
5:48 am
the vehicle the car pool plane is a good idea. southbound highway 101, possibly blocking one lane in the number direction, though look at slowing. it is bumper to bumper. it slows up at san jose international airport and 280 but in delays highway 87 is clear and 85 has a good drive into cupertino. >> the drive time traffic 580 westbound tracy to dublin is 42 minutes and slow along 101 in the northbound and san francisco. straight ahead the new cast of stars in "dancing with the stars" has been revealed and we will show you who will be dancing for the trophy. >> the popular display of lights is going away and what will replace it. >> governor brown is maintaining
5:49 am
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>> lights on the babe will be turned off next week. the plug is being pulled open thursday by caltrain but it is temporary. they will do maintenance on the cables. the lights will be reinstalled in 2015 in time for the super bowl 50. the 25,000 lights are the largest lead light sculpture. >> a mystery in the sky captures on video and now a streak of
5:52 am
light is generating buzz on social media. >> the video shows what could be a meteor or comet above montana. 150 people reported seeing the light show. scientists have not confirmed what it is. there is thought it could be a chinese rocket from a satellite launch? december. >> a bird. or a plane. or batkid? >> move on to batkid he will light up the silver scene tonight for the annual film festival that has 91 world and united states film premieres including the screening of batkid begins, a documentary of the journey of recovering leukemia patient miles scott to an super hero for a day with a screening at 7:15 at the california theater in san jose. >> drum
5:53 am
are gearing up for a new season of "dancing with the stars" right now. >> on her own. >> patti labelle stayed by "good morning america" this only for the big reveal. other contest amendments include football star michael sam and actress rumor willis and suzanne somers and shark tank mogul, and willow shields and united states army veteran gallow galoway and let us know what you thing of the cast at abc7 news facebook page. rumor will his is the daughter of bruce willis. >> and gymnasts do very well because they have the moves.
5:54 am
though dance. >> they have the moves. >> you will about the hips. >> that is.jerry rice did so well. >> all abut the hips. >> the exploritorium you can see how calm the bay is at file miles per hour wind and the temperatures are cooler and tree poll were is high and the main problems with pollen are pine and cedar. the central valley will warm nicely into the low-to-mid 60s and monterey is 65 and sunshine and 63 in lake tahoe with no snow. 68 in san diego, and mid-to-upper 60s and breezy around los angeles and palm springs. here is walnut creek the drive is stacking up close to highway 24 but traveling between highway 4 and highway stake ten minutes. we had an early accident that is cleared and we just have row
5:55 am
said -- residual delays and back to san jose subhighway 101 that is where the accident was reported however, all delays are in the northbound direction so the slow downs to the nimitz. >> california health official say the number of measles cases in the state is holding steady and the department of public health says that the number of measles cases stands at 123 the same total as friday. the state released new numbers three times each week and year was the first time there was in increase since the outbreak linked to disney began in december with 16 other states reporting problems. >> children are less likely to develop an allergy to peanuts if exposed as babies. they studied 600 babies between the age of 4 and 11 months and fund those given peanut butter regularly were 80 jury --
5:56 am
percent less likely to develop the allergy by age five. they were fed four teaspoons a week. exposure early helps build a toll ran. doctors say the babies were checked to make sure they did not ready have a peanut allergy and parents were as surprised not to try it on their own. this is interesting because it is 180-degree turn from what we were told a decade ago of no peanut exposure. >> a fisherman landed an enormous cat fish. >> dino ferr river in northern italy said he is good at catching big catfish but even he was surprised measuring 9' in length. ferrari spent 40 minutes fighting with the fish before he landed it on the boat and took photos of the giant finish and released it back into the po river and wants to fight with it
5:57 am
again another day. >> a look into the future where you can go do get your first look at california's planned high rail speed rain and how close it is to the real thing. >> "consumer reports" has the top cars of 2015 and we have the new list from michael finney. >> stay tuned.
5:58 am
♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. overnight repairs continue on the peninsula after a deadly train crash with the impact on the commute and when the work will be completed. >> the event bringing former secretary of state and likely presidential candidate hillary clinton to senator -- santa clara. and the wind is going but a cold chill is here in the bay
6:00 am
area this morning. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us when we will warm up in the forecast. my mouth is still cold! >> we have coffee over there. we will fix you up. >> thanks for joining us. >> i am christian. -- kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. meteorologist mike nicco is here along with leyla gulen. >> it is 17 degrees colder. the winds are variable. from sutro tower you can see the first sign of the morning developing. the 12 hour day planner is 32 to 53 but it is so dry you will be hard pressed to seat the profit and at 60 at noon with low 60 to mid-60 at 4:00 and in the low-to-mid 50s by 7:00. i will have an upstate on the rain on friday and saturday in the forecast. >> with the trust like that, i do


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